Choosing Elective Courses to Achieve Career Goals as an Undergraduate.


We study courses in the university to start us off on our career paths. Most times we'd have to pick elective courses alongside required ones. Each industry is diversified. For example, in the Nigerian legal field has various practice areas like Corporate, Maritime, Dispute Resolution, etc. I don't advise you wait until your Masters or when your career starts off to choose your area of specialization.
It's important you chart your educational and professional careers.
It takes five levels to get an LL.B honours in Nigeria. These levels could span 4- 5 years. You should chart your career path to accommodate your educational and professional career goals. It isn't enough to say "I'm studying law".

What practice areas are you interested in for your professional career? What courses can you offer during your educational career to get eligibility for those practice areas? What student organization can offer you opportunities to gather valuable skills? What internships, industry bodies' certifications and professional courses will help your get needed qualifications, skills and experiences? What grade point or qualifications do you need to get your B.L or Masters Degree? Where do you see yourself in the next 5, 10, 15 years? Answering these questions helped me get a sense of purpose, focus and direction.

Choosing Elective Courses

"What electives are you taking?" Is a common question at the start of every new semester, session or level. Often times, choosing an elective to offer depends on the how it will improve ones grade point, convenience of its lecture or if it's interesting. Apart from these you should consider your professional career. What elective courses will provide you the knowledge for all areas of your interest? If you don't have any idea, research. Ask seniors, your level adviser and not just your friends. Weeks before course registration you can attend introductory lectures of various electives you are interested in.
Then choose, register and learn.

All the best in your undergraduate studies this session!

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