In a federal system of government, there is usually a division of executive, legislative and judicial powers between the central government and the government of the component units or states. Hence the judiciary in Nigeria can be generally divided into two, viz the Federal judiciary and the State judiciary 1 . Courts of the Federal Judiciary include the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, The Federal High Court, National Industrial Court, etc. On the other hand, State Courts consist of the High court of a State, Sharia Court of Appeal of a State, Magistrate Court, etc.   Asides from the Magistrate Court, all other aforementioned courts are superior courts of record 2 . . The Federal High Court (herein after referred to as FHC), which is the subject of this article is arguably one of the most important courts in the federal judicial hierarchy. This is evident in the fact that it has 36 divisions, spread across the country.   It is however pertinent to note that there is only one FHC.

Choosing Elective Courses to Achieve Career Goals as an Undergraduate.

Image source: We study courses in the university to start us off on our career paths. Most times we'd have to pick elective courses alongside required ones. Each industry is diversified. For example, in the Nigerian legal field has various practice areas like Corporate, Maritime, Dispute Resolution, etc. I don't advise you wait until your Masters or when your career starts off to choose your area of specialization. It's important you chart your educational and professional careers. It takes five levels to get an LL.B honours in Nigeria. These levels could span 4- 5 years. You should chart your career path to accommodate your educational and professional career goals. It isn't enough to say "I'm studying law". What practice areas are you interested in for your professional career? What courses can you offer during your educational career to get eligibility for those practice areas? What student organization can offer you opportunitie


2 ND SEMESTER WELCOME ADRESS Olaitan Good Day like minds, I would be very brief with this because I believe we have a lot to do with very little time and more so in consideration of how so well some of us need use of this time. I hope you had a relaxing, restful and fruitful break, because you deserve it. Faculty of Law Lagos State University Well, my past 3years at the faculty has made me accept against my will that the legal profession has become more complex than we hoped for, especially when you have to work and walk with persons of diverse orientations and way of life and more disheartening with lecturers of diverse beliefs, demands and perspective of you as an individual or as a class. I hope we have not quickly forgotten the contributions of these persons in our lives over the last few months and years?   Yet so bad, some of these persons have chosen to be rigid, unapologetic, envious, ante-innovative, religiously blinded and intellectually old fashioned; I


BY ADAEZE SAMUEL [2] Source: Google 1.                   INTRODUCTION Federal Republic of Nigeria being a major commercial hub in West Africa utilizes both domestic and international commercial arbitration in dispute resolution.  Commercial activities in various sectors of the economy have increased the need for faster dispute resolution mechanisms. Arbitration is a mechanism for settling disputes. In a survey taken of Supreme Court of Nigeria it takes an average of six years for contested cases to go from filing to judgement [3] . Litigation is the most established form of dispute resolution in Nigeria. It has proven to be time consuming and expensivewhich is not beneficial to parties of a commercial dispute. Domestic arbitration is a procedure for settling dispute within a particular state or country. Within domestic jurisdiction arbitration is a dispute resolution mechanism. However in the international sphere arbitration is regarded as the most preferred form o


PRESS RELEASE This is to inform all partners of equity law firm that the 3 rd edition of the Equity Price of Advocacy (EPA) comes up this semester. This academic and advocacy/research exercise is open to all levels. In order to encourage active participation, cash prices shall be given to the 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd positions along side certificate of excellence, while certificate of participation shall be accorded to all participating partners. Please be informed that this advocacy/research contest is open to all members of the faculty (Students). However, written briefs of 500level partners shall not be assessed for the purpose of awarding prices. OFFICIAL SCHEDULE Friday 17/6/16               -              Release of Notice (5: 00 PM) Monday 20/6 /16           -              Release of Rule and Moot Problem (5: 00 PM) Friday 24 /6/16              -        Last day for Clarifications regarding the Moot Problem (11: 59 P.M) Friday 15/7/16               -